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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Bit Squirrely

Every now and then we get writing prompt that turns into something fairly amusing as well as spawning some general light-hearted discussion.  What follows is just such a prompt and resulting extra short story.
“After a long night out, you return to your house to find that every picture and painting in your house can speak to you.  What do the characters in the artwork and photographs say?  Write a conversation between you and one of them, or a conversation between two of them, in 500 words or less.”
            “Is that what you wore?”  The high pitched scratchy voice asked from behind me as I shed my coat and purse.  I looked around and shook my head and muttered, “Wow, I really must be tired, now I’m hearing voices.”
            “I don’t like that shirt.” Once again I heard the little voice, but this time to my right.   Looking around I said, “What’s wrong with this shirt?”  I glanced down at my pink geometric print blouse as I did a slow pirouette in the middle of the room.
            “It’s not a nice color, for one thing, and what’s with the sleeves?” trying to pinpoint the speaker I answered, “I love this color and these sleeves are the latest fashion.”  As I scanned the room while defending my choice of apparel, I caught some movement in one of the pictures.  The squeaky-scratch retorted, “Well, I wouldn’t wear it, I prefer a nice gray fur when going out.  And speaking of going out, if you’re staying out this late for heaven’s sake turn the ringer off on the phone or have your calls forwarded to your cell.  That thing’s been ringing all night long!”
            I stood there staring at the picture for a minute before saying, “Well Sorry, but I never imagined you would be bothered by the noise, or by my choice of clothes.  You know, because you’re a picture—of a squirrel, and you can’t talk?!”  The clock chimed three as I turned off the light and headed to the bedroom and heard behind me, “That’s what you think!”
            I lay down on the bed with the bizarre conversation replaying itself in my head.  I jumped up and ran back out to the picture of the squirrel peeking around a tree.  As I stood there considering possible explanations, such as exhaustion, the little mouth began to move.  “Care to reconsider your previous statement?”  I wasn’t as startled as one might think at this development and calmly answered the squirrel picture, “No, you’re still a picture of a squirrel.    I’m trying to figure out how you’re talking to me.  Am I delusional? Exhausted? Drugged? Perhaps I simply have a fertile imagination unleashed by an evening spent with artists…”
            “Can’t you just accept something at face value?  I’m a talking squirrel picture, get over it.” The squeaker continued, “We could be good friends, you know.  I won’t eat anything or make a mess and I can be really good company.”  It was four o’clock and I was dead on my feet.  “All right,” I said with a shrug,” have it your way.  I’ll see you for coffee in a few hours.”  In a smug voice my new friend wished me sweet dreams and then thankfully fell silent.
            I think most of us can relate to the idea of a smart aleck squirrel.  I do have a picture of a squirrel peeking out from behind a tree propped on the book case in my dining room.  I always seem to be having interesting squirrel encounters and the ultimate was the year one took up residence in our attic, and once evicted spent about 3 months still trying to get in and giving me hateful looks when I went outside.  It also used to sit on the deck rail and look in our front door.  So, my good friend sent me the picture for Christmas one year, with a post it note saying “I’ve got my eye on you!!”  I found it amusing, and it tends to be a good conversation starter with guests. 
            I hope you’ve enjoyed this lighthearted post.  We can all use something a little bit amusing from time to time.

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Love this lighthearted post!