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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lessons From Mom

This is the last photo I took of my mother. It was at her 76th birthday party in my back yard. Here she is with all her grandchildren. Eleven months later she was gone, succumbing to Alzheimer's and pneumonia. We all miss her terribly.

We all learn things from our mothers, sometimes things they don't intend to teach us, and some that they do. Some of what I learned is listed below.

~ yyur, yyub, icuryy 4 me!
   (Too wise you are, too wise you be, I 
    see you are too wise for me!). She 
    wrote that in my autograph book when 
     I was about 9. I don't have the book
    but never forgot the clever way it was
~Getting up early won't hurt you.
~it's possible to stack the washed dishes
  from dinner for a family of 6 like 
  pieces of a Jenga game.
~fresh baked cookies are always
~Laughter daily is important.
~If you do your errands and housework    
   early in the day you can have time for
~Sometimes moms cry.
~Letting your kids be independent is
~Freshly brewed iced tea is best.
~Home made lemonade from scratch is 
   worth the effort.
~Walking through the woods and 
  stopping to have a cheese sandwich 
  at "diamond rock" is a great way to  
  spend a summer afternoon.
~It's ok to express your opinion.
~The simple things are what make life

What kinds of things did you learn from your mother?


Kathi said...

That was great Sue! My mom passed about the same age as your mom... a couple months after her 77th birthday. Their words will always stay with us!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely post!