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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Weekends go too fast. Two days isn't enough to fit everything into! That's because they've become a concentration  of things left undone during the work week with things I want to for pleasure sprinkled in. I try to keep things balanced but sometimes there is so much going on in those two short days that Monday is almost a relief! Some folks keep their weekends so full of activities and chores that just hearing them talk about it makes me want a nap. When my girls were younger we ran on the fringes of that type of weekend occasionally and I confess that I didn't enjoy it. It made me downright cranky! So I learned to shorten my "must be done" list and let some things slide. Of course now I face a room that borders on hoarder status to deal with over the summer; but at least I'll have something to do while I consider my employment options for the fall. Just think how accomplished I'll feel when things have been donated, repurposed, or thrown out and I have much less clutter! I almost can't wait to start--but not this weekend, it's almost over.

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