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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday P.M. Thoughts

It's Saturday evening and I am in my nest once again. Although the calendar says April and the sun sets after 7:00 it feels more like late February here. In recent years we've contemplated running the air conditioning a day or two by this time as the weather was unseasonably hot. This year I can't even put my winter coat and gloves toward the back of the closet because I still need to wear them most days. I suppose that soon enough I'll be complaining of the heat but right now it would be nice to sit in the sun on the deck and listen to the birds while sipping iced tea. I stepped outside after dark for a breath of air and despite the chilly breeze enjoyed how clear the sky is and how bright the half moon and stars are. I clearly picked out Orion and thought about how nice it is that I can do that. How somewhere out there in the world is someone who isn't able to do that. Either because they have a disability or illness preventing them, or it is unsafe where they live to step outside after dark, even just outside their front door. Suddenly I thought how blessed I am to have my little house, my little family, and live where neighbors wave and say hi, exchange pleasantries. I know, too, that if ever I needed help I could knock on their door and they would oblige. Sometimes I get so caught up in the chaos of my days that I feel grumbly and discontented with my lot in life. When that happens it's good to take a day and slow down, enjoy what I have, and reflect on how nice it is to be me.

This is the neighbor's cat who enjoys sitting atop our grill on summer mornings. I was able to catch this picture of her last year. I can't wait to see leaves on the trees again!

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A very nice post that makes one think...