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Wednesday, June 26, 2013


“There’s no such thing as an ordinary cat” is what the fortune cookie said.  I’m not a cat lover, nor a cat hater; I’m neutral when it comes to them.  They’re cute, and amusing, and people seem to be fascinated with them if the pictures and videos posted on Facebook are any indication. 
When I looked out the front window this morning I saw “Kitty” standing on the deck, his head and one paw extended through the slats drinking water from the small fountain we have there. “Kitty” is the neighbors’ cat but spends a lot of time in our yard and on our deck.  Sometimes he leaves us a dead mouse, sometimes he just sits and watches the birds.  We’ve caught him sitting on the rail looking in the screen door, and at times lying in front of the door.  I don’t know what kind of cat Kitty is, nor what his name really is. He is a beautiful black and white cat with large round green eyes.  His coat is shiny and his eyes have intelligence to them that I never knew a cat could have.  When we speak to him he looks right at us and blinks as if considering an answer.  There are two other black cats belonging to different neighbors who also frequent our yard, one is smaller than Kitty and is scraggly and scrappy looking with squinty eyes that runs away when we get near.  The other one is between the other two in size and general appearance.  It doesn’t have as friendly an aspect as Kitty, yet isn’t scruffy or scrappy looking like the other one, nor is it as timid as the latter or as friendly as the former.  I think the presence of all three cats is keeping the squirrels away as we haven’t seen as many since we noticed the cats hanging around.  We’re not sure what the big attraction is for the cats in our yard but they aren’t hurting anything and don’t seem to fight with each other so we don’t mind them.  I think the fortune cookie was right, not one of the cats in my yard is ordinary. Each one is extraordinary in its own way and has a personality of its own.

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Kathi said...

I'd like to have a cat around if they keep the squirrels away! The squirrels around here are quite aggressive and won't allow me to feed birds... which I like... I guess the cats would keep the birds away too though! Oh, well....

Thanks for sharing some of your world with us!