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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Life is Hard, Life is Weird, Life is Beautiful

         Life is such a mixture of things.  We have choices to make, obligations to meet, and the combination can make your head spin.  It can be overwhelming to realize that every major decision we make, and some of the minor ones as well, affect us for the rest of our lives in one way or another.  Some of our decisions affect other’s lives, our parents, children, co-workers and friends; even strangers to some extent.  Sometimes life is weird, people not acting their age, sometimes for the better, sometimes not.  We can find ourselves talking to people we’d never imagined even crossing paths with let alone having a conversation with, or even a friendship with.  We can find ourselves seemingly out of our element only to find that we feel comfortable with the experience, and seek out similar opportunities in the future.  Our world as we know it can be turned upside down and we not only survive, but we thrive doing things we once feared or perceived as impossible.  Occasionally we need to look back, see where we’ve been, observe where we are, and consider where we’re headed.  Those are the times that we can see that over all life is beautiful, each experience a different thread in the tapestry of our lives creating amazing patterns and color combinations unique to each of us.  As the weather turns warmer, take some time to sit outside and look around and contemplate your life in all its difficulty, weirdness, and beauty.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said!