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Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 14

I spent 90 minutes face to face with a tall, dark, and handsome young man Valentine’s afternoon.  He began by telling me just what he was going to do, and gently laid me back.  Asking if I would like a pillow behind my neck, he applied some gel and before I knew it my lips were numb.  He stopped every now and then to ask if I were ok, and to say that there was no need to hurry and to let him know if I needed a break.  There was a talk show on the television, but I could not tell you what it was about, all I could think of was what he was doing to me.  The time seemed endless, but everything must come to an end.    When our time was over we set a date for our next session, in three weeks.  That’s when my permanent dental crowns will be in.

            Gotcha!  Yes, that’s right; I went to the dentist after work on Valentine’s Day.  It was a full day, beginning with a couple inches of snow.  I would have found it beautiful if I hadn’t been shoveling a path through it for Hillary’s wheelchair so I could get her to the bus by 6:45, and cleaning off my van so I could drive it to work by 7:30.  Work was ok, but of course with 10 women working together in a kitchen with a time deadline it was chaotic and cacophonous—I’ve come to refer to going to work as riding the “Crazy Train”, it’s been a wild ride this school year.  Between the laughter and nearly brought to tears all in the space of 5 hours, I was glad to leave.  Once home, I chatted with my adult daughter about her classes, had a sandwich and cup of tea, finished shoveling the driveway at the end where the sun doesn’t reach, got Hillary into the house from the bus and unpacked and went to my dental appointment.  Once back home, my hubby and I exchanged Valentine’s, ordered out for dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant, and got Hillary settled into bed before he left for choir.  We plan to have tea and some of the brownies that my daughter baked for us between when I left for the dentist and Bruce got home.

            I feel lots of love around me always, but it’s nice to have a day set aside to show it, whether you’re part of a couple, or simply part of a family.  I hope you’ve felt loved today, and every day.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Rick Watson said...

Those wacky dentists have all the luck :)
Thanks for dropping by my blog.
Rick ~ your latest follower.