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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Quiet & Merry

Some observations this Christmas season:

There is a quiet beauty to snow falling on Christmas Eve.

Christmas trees, late in the evening and early in the morning have a quiet beauty about them.
A simple strand or two of lights outlining the front door adds a feel of merriment unmatched by the largest display of flashing lights and figurines synched to music.

One of the merriest things I saw was the small table at work crowded with the little gifts adorned with ribbons and bows co-workers spontaneously gave to each other, creating a kind of small cookie exchange.
Christmas cards strung along the ceiling of a living room create a merry decoration.

A congregation gathered together on a Sunday afternoon to share their musical talents informally is both quietly beautiful and quite merry.
The story of Christ’s birth has a quiet beauty all its own.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

I so agree with your observations. I am a firm believer in timers now! My Christmas tree was scheduled to turn on at 4pm each evening and turn off at 11.. and then turn back on at 5:30 am till about 8am so I could again enjoy it in the darkness of the morning hours. Morning and evening. It was a treat every day of the season! Sounds like you had many wonderful Christmas moments.