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Wednesday, November 21, 2012


This year I decided to make a list of the perhaps lesser thought of people and things for which I am thankful on our national day of Thanksgiving.  I am quite thankful for my beautiful daughters, loving husband who puts up with me, and my brothers, sisters-in-law, brothers-in-law, and nieces and nephews, also my surviving aunts and uncles. What follows is a list of some of my other thanks.

-the lovely, fun, fabulous, hardworking, loving women I work with.  They make every work day pleasurable.

-Jackie who takes care of Hillary at school every day. 

-the chiropractor without who’s expertise, knowledge, interventions and guidance I would be most uncomfortable to say the least.

-my favorite pharmacy technician.

-having a “merry heart” and Helen Hooven Santmeyer who introduced me to that term in her book “And Ladies of the Club”.

-my smart-aleck phone which allowed me to keep in touch during our 8 day power outage following
“Superstorm Sandy”.

-the members of my writers group. 

-my Facebook friends who enjoy my nearly daily status rhymes.

-electricity & heat.

-the opportunity to share my story of caregiving with a live audience last summer.

-Alexandria Bay, NY (SIGH)

-NCIS and The Mentalist reruns


-free pie

-the freedom to write whatever I want without fear of repercussion

-fond memories, and funny memories

-curbside garbage pick up

-the random scraps of songs that float through my head and cause me to hum throughout the day


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Kathi said...

Happy Thanksgiving Sue! Glad you're writing again!