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Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday’s Thoughts

1)      Once you’ve been stretched under sedation you are on a first name basis with the doctor who performed the procedure.

2)       When the ice pack feels like you’re getting frost bite it’s time to remove it.

3)      Easter decorations still up at Mother’s Day is just sad (but not as sad as Christmas decorations still up!)

4)      If this house isn’t dusted soon there will be a haboob when we turn on the ceiling fans.

5)      No matter what you say there will be someone who is offended and/or disagrees with you.

6)      Buying and sending greeting cards is a nice thing to do, and it’s fun to read all the cards in the store when picking one out.

7)      It’s comforting to find that the nurse taking care of you grew up right around the corner from you and knows your family.

8)      The doctor that calls you personally at the end of the day after you’ve had a procedure done the morning is a caring person.

9)      There is something magical about the way the sunlight hits the undersides of the tall trees’ leaves as it is setting.
     10)     There’s something about a free weekend that excites the imagination.

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