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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time Passing

For my first post of 2012, I went back to a journal from 1980 and pulled out a poem which I feel reflects the season.  I hope you enjoy it!


As present flows
Into future and past
I often wonder just
How much of this will last
For me to hold onto.
Memories last, yet fade away
Into the setting sun
That is yesterday.
The waters of time, rapidly running,
Cascading through our lives
Erode away the details; smoothing
The roughness of Pain's edges
And brightness of color
Leaving washed out paleness
To be uncovered by another.

I find this still relevant, although in a different way from 32 years ago.  I'm still the same person inside, many likes and dislikes remain unchanged in spite of how my life did. I still love pizza, and reading.  Still the scent of jasmine tea and how the smell of the library pleases and comforts me.  I still don't enjoy being too hot in the summer or sleeping with the room too warm in the winter.  Autumn is still my favorite season in spite (or perhaps because) of its melancholy feel.  Obviously I still enjoy writing about my life, my moods, my thoughts. 

My parents have passed, I've married, had children, and had a few different jobs since that poem was written.  I've met people I never imagined, done things I never expected to do when my young self imagined what the future would hold.

The year that just passed was eventful, sad, joyful, and frustrating.  I expect the year ahead to hold the same, but hopefully the joyful will dominate--at least in my memory when it's time to look back once more 12 months from now.

Happy New Year!

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Kathi said...

Beautiful Sue. I find your reflections to be comforting and very relatable. Full of rich memories to pull out and mull over. I too hope the new year brings more joy to you than anything else. Thanks for sharing ....