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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writers Group Story

For any of you who don't know, (and I truly don't know how many of you readers of my blog there are--many, I hope!), I belong to a writers group at my town library.  Sometimes the moderator gives us a writing prompt to do as homework to keep us writing.  It's been a busy week, so I decided to share with you the story I shared last night for the excercise we were given.  I hope you are amused by it.  Promise I'll write something more personal in the next few days!

A man is shopping with his pregnant wife for baby items when he runs into an ex-girlfriend who he told he was not the marrying kind.


“Oooh! Look at this!” exclaimed Jamie, “Just like in the Best Babies magazine! I just knew I’d find it here, this place has everything. Here, Greg, put this in the cart for me.”

“You’re sure this is the one this time?” Greg asked, “My back is getting a little tired from all this lifting.”

“Excuse me?!” his wife replied pointing to her belly. “You think it’s not tiring walking around with this lead beach ball all day?” She opened her mouth to continue when a voice interrupted.

“Yeah, Greg-or-y,” the sarcastic voice said, “What are you complaining about?”

Jamie turned to the woman belonging to the voice behind them, while Greg paled and swallowed hard.

“Do we know you?” Jamie asked.

“Well, I know Gregory,” the woman said, “But I don’t believe we’ve ever met. I’m Amanda and this little guy is Jeff.”

Extending her hand and smiling Jamie said, “Nice to meet you, Amanda and Jeff, my name is Jamie. How do you two know each other?”

Amanda and Jamie looked at Greg expectantly. Trying to find his voice Greg cleared his throat. “I, um, well you see, we, uh, we used to see, um know each other, you know, before.”

“Are you ok, honey?” Jamie asked, taking a step toward her husband and putting a hand on his forehead. “You look a little pale.”

“Get a grip, Greg-or-y,” Amanda’s voice grated on his nerves. “Just tell it like it is!” Turning to Jamie and bouncing Jeff on her hip she continued, “We dated for about 18 months, and when things started getting serious, Greg here told me he’s not the marrying kind.”

Disbelief on her face, Jamie looked from Greg to Amanda and Jeff. “How long ago was this? In college? Greg, how long ago?”

“We broke up about a month before you and I met” he answered slowly, looking at Jeff on his mother’s hip, “I think I owe Amanda an apology or something.”

“Don’t bother, Greg-or-y,” Amanda interrupted, “We are just fine, and I see you are too.” Turning to Jamie she added, “Congratulations, I don’t know how you got him to commit, but more power to you. Enjoy your baby.”

“Babies,” Jamie replied, “Twins, and thank you. Jeff is a beautiful child. Come on, Greg, I need to get off my feet.”

With a final look at Amanda and her son Greg followed his wife to the checkout.

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