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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Evening Thoughts

Lately I've been pondering some things I don't quite understand.

How is it that the company that builds and sells the wheelchair can tell me they have no idea how much a part costs until they get a quote from the manufacturer when I can find the price on the manufacturer's website in less than five minutes?

How can the people who work at the company that builds and sells the wheelchair not try to do the repair in a day or two instead of taking weeks, even when I've paid them up front so we don't have to wait for the insurance company to approve the repair, and how can they sleep at night knowing they are leaving vulnerable people in an even more vulnerable situation?

How can the mechanic tell us that the new exhaust system is louder than the old one because we have to wait for soot to build up in the system and call the noise the "harmonics" of the system, and say it with a straight face?

Why are there so very many HUGE spiders in my yard this year?

How is it that I can look into the eyes of the neighbor's cat, tell her to get the mouse I just saw by my basement window, and the next day a dead mouse is by my front door?


Kathi said...

Oh Sue this was good. Just when I thought all would be serious, you made me laugh with the dead mouse "wonderings". Yes there are a lot of unanswered questions in my life as well. All I know to do is the best we can and trust that the answers, if we need them, will be revealed in time....

S. Donald said...

I'm glad, Kathi, that I could give you a chuckle!