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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spots on My Specs

There are spots on my eyeglasses and they tell the story of my day. The smudge on the left lens is where my daughter's elbow got me this morning when I was wrestling her out of bed and into her wheelchair. There's a smaller smudge on the right lens near the top edge from the butter I put on my toast for breakfast. The little spots pretty much all over both lenses are from work, where first the macaroni water splashed when I was draining it to make the gallons of macaroni salad for the salad bar, and the dishwater that got me when I dropped a bowl into the sink during clean up. A bit of lint seems to be clinging in tiny particles all over from the dryer when I took the sheets out this afternoon, and some soy sauce from dinner seems to have found its way onto them as well. The final smudge is from my husband's nose when he kissed me before leaving for band rehearsal. I should have cleaned them before I sat down at the computer, but really, how would I have remembered everything about my day if I had done that? I'll clean them before I go to bed, and start a new history tomorrow.

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