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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Joy List

Just a list of simple things that bring me joy:

A deep green hillside dotted with bright yellow dandelions.

The way the air smells in spring when the sun comes out after a rainy day.

Window curtains fluttering in the breeze in the evening.

The morning sun reflecting off the newly cleaned kitchen floor.

The sound of the birds chirping through the open window on a Saturday morning as I'm lying in bed.

The way the setting sun lights the underside of the branches of the tall, tall trees across the street.

The morning or evening sky colored like cotton candy swirls.

Puffy white clouds against a robin's egg blue sky.

Watching little birds eating seeds left on the plants from last year.

Perennials when they begin breaking through the ground in Spring.

My corner of the couch.

The crocheted afghan that I made for my mother-in-law and got back after she passed away.

Pictures of my girls and husband.

Chopping vegetables for dinner.

A cup of tea.

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