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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


You can’t turn on the TV or computer, or open a magazine without someone trying to convince you you’re not good enough. Teeth not blindingly white? Hair not shiny? Skin not glowing? Your floors are not perfectly shined and there’s some lint on the carpet? Did you buy the wrong brand of coffee, and have only the most basic types of foods in your pantry? Might as well just crawl back under the covers. Watch out! They might not be soft or fresh smelling, and your mattress may not be the right number for you. What?! You like it, you’re satisfied with it? Are you settling for good enough? You’re not alone. Me too.

There are, of course, times when you want perfection and anything less just won’t do. You don’t want your surgeon to say “Well, that’s good enough” half way through an operation and sew you up. Nor do you want the chef to halfway prepare your food and decide that’s good enough, then serve you an uncooked meal.

On a normal day, however, good enough works. It’s taken quite awhile, but I’ve come to accept that I’m happy with average. I brush my teeth and visit the dentist. So what if people around me don’t squint when I smile? My hair and skin are both clean. I’m not a Stephanie Meyer vampire, after all. I finally get it--nobody expects me to sparkle in the sunlight. My house will not be featured anytime soon in a magazine, but the beds are made, I’ve run the vacuum and done a cursory dusting. There may be some clutter, and too many pictures on the piano, but the people I love live here, and friends and family are welcome to visit. I promise to serve completely cooked food and make everyone feel welcome. Surely it’s good enough, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Kathi said...

Very good Sue... and well said! I totally agree and share your perspective! So many messages out there today telling us we don't quite measure up! Not so! Comparing ourselves with others usually makes us either feel insignificant or arrogant... Neither are good!