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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Color On A Gloomy Day

Our April showers have spilled into May,
It's chilly, and gloomy and wet,
But still robins sing and there's green on the trees,
And splashes of colorful flowers around,
With such a display through my window each day,
What reason have I to frown?

Lilacs are so pretty!

Spring is such an up and down time. One day it's sunny and warm, the next it's chilly and wet. Yet the landscape steadily awakens after lying dormant in the Winter months. Every day new color is added. Leaves appear on trees seemingly over night; did you ever notice how many shades of green there are in Spring? With increased warmth from the strengthening sun flowers begin to bud and bloom, adding splashes of color- pink, purple, yellow, and pale creamy white. It's dazzling! The angle of the sun changes as it climbs higher in the sky and stays out longer. Even when it's cloudy, you can tell the winter is gone because night falls later in the evening and retreats earlier in the morning. Soon I'll be hearing baby birds squeak-chirp from their nest in a tree near my house, then I'll get to watch as they practice flying first from branch to branch in the tree, then branch to wire, and finally tree to tree and beyond my view. Usually Blue Jays are the ones who nest in this particular tree.
This is the Maple tree where the Jays will nest and raise their family.

I love living here where there is much color and variety of tree, bush, and flower; some planted by us or neighbors, and some by Mother Nature using the wind and birds to plant the seeds of different foliage. It makes for a cheerful view through my window, even on a gloomy, wet day.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent! You described Spring perfectly! And you're right - even on the gray, cold, rainy, dreary days, there is so much beauty out there. :-)