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Monday, January 9, 2017

January Days

I'm not sure what day this is,
Am I the only one?
The only thing I know for sure is
A new year has begun.

What is open? What is closed?
It is quite confusing
If I remain confused like this
At least I'll be amusing.
Last week was a short workweek, but those are the ones I find that I never seem to know what day it is.  Throw in a holiday on a Sunday and then try to figure out what businesses are observing the holiday on Monday, and which ones only closed on the actual holiday if at all, and it gets confusing if you're used to running on auto pilot.  I run pretty much on auto pilot, at least as far as the day of the week is concerned.

Dreary January days
Have us dreaming of the summer
Then we see they forecast
More cold and wind
Geez! What a bummer!
Well really, even though the days are getting slightly longer it seems that there are more cloudy days than sunny, and frequent forecasts for some type of frozen precipitation, freezing temperatures and wind.  When it's below freezing in temperature even just a light breeze makes it so much worse.  How much we miss those warm sunny days of summer when we are bundled up against the cold and expecting icy and snowy conditions!

January settles in with cold and snowy threats,
Those days when we complained of heat last summer we regret,
We don coats, hats, scarves and gloves and go about our lives,
Feeling sluggish as the worker bees hibernating in their hives.
Again, we were whiners last summer about the heat and humidity; right about now we would welcome that heat with open arms.  Oh to be relaxing in the shade of a big tree with a nice cold glass of iced tea and a good book right now!  I would miss the seasons if I moved somewhere that it was always hot, but the piercing cold and threat of bad weather do have me longing for that climate sometimes.  Being bundled up in winter wear loses its allure after a few weeks and coats, gloves, and boots make it tough to move freely; and I don't know about you but the lack of sunlight makes me tired.  Some days, in spite of lots of coffee or tea, I just don't feel fully awake.  This is a long month and it has settled in to a cold, gloomy, set of weeks.  The bright spot is that somewhere toward the end of the month, maybe after the 20th, the days seems noticeably longer and things start to look up a bit.

I hope you find something that comforts you and warms you during these cold, gloomy, sleepy days.


Anonymous said...

Yup, this sounds like January to me! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Sue,

I’m an editor for, a video-making company based in Berlin, Germany, and we spotted your story on The Mighty: We were really touched by your story about daughter, and are thinking about making a short (40 second) video story about you and using images/footage from your Facebook account.

Can we use the material from your account in our short video story that is going to be published on the web? And credit your account of course! Your content could be viewed by thousands of audiences in Germany, and also internationally, so there's a chance for your story to be shared.

I'd really appreciate your comments and permission. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you!

Best wishes,
Rose Cornelius

S. Donald said...

Hi Rose,
Thank you for your interest in my story.
I have never heard of your company, and I am wondering, if I gave you permission would I be able to preview the video before it was posted? Also, is it correct that the video would be about the Mighty story? Would this video be on Facebook? I look forward to hearing from you.
Sue Donald

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,

Yes, we could definitely send you a link of the video before it gets posted. The video will be in German, but I can add an explanation for you. The video will tell the inspirational story of how you would like others to see your daughter more often, similar to the Mighty story. The video will be posted on Facebook, so you're be able to share it on your own account if you like.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best wishes,

Rose Cornelius

S. Donald said...

Rose, is there another way we can communicate? Perhaps by email or Facebook message?

Anonymous said...

Of course, my email address