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Sunday, February 21, 2016

Early Sunday Morning

In the quiet early morning
Of a warmish day in winter
When the sun is slowly rising
And the birds are all atwitter
You can hear your thoughts
More clearly as you sip your morning brew
And reflect on what it is
That means the most to you.

I really do love weekend mornings and Sunday especially. It just seems as if it is quieter, background sounds are muted and bird songs somehow sweeter. If there's a light breeze the wind chimes which hang outside my front door tinkle and ding with a pleasant melody of their own. Thoughts and reflections wander softly through my mind and a clarity for the week ahead makes its space waiting for those times that I need to go there for a momentary respite from whatever the weekdays toss my way. I hope you have a time when you regularly let your thoughts wander and create a place of calm to help you through your week.
These are the wind chimes that hang outside my front door. We bought them on vacation years ago and have hung there ever since, year round.

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Anonymous said...

Good post! I too make time for quiet - it truly makes a huge difference.