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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Joy

Many people say they don't like the winter; it makes them sad, they have to stay indoors or wear a bulky coat just to go to the car, and of course there's the snow and ice to deal with. I admit to feeling all those things about the cold season occasionally but other times I find good things about the season. Here are a few:
The first few sips of my morning brew taste and feel so much more comforting on a very cold morning before the heat comes up.
The night sky is clearer and the stars seem so much brighter on a crisp cold night.
The sounds of nature are different when all is dormant and frozen. Tree branches creak as they rub together, the wind whistles through the leafless trees, less birds twitter and chirp, and there is a special kind of hush over all when a storm is imminent.
The daylight begins to last longer after the winter solstice and by mid January it is quite noticeable.
Bare tree branches silhouetted against the moon's milky light remind me of lamp light glowing through black lace.
I can see the bones of the landscape and am surprised by things like old house foundations in the woods that are hidden by underbrush in the warmer growing season.
Finally, the smell of cooking food is very comforting when I come in the house from the cold, especially homemade soup which I have simmering on the stove.
I hope you have your own list of joys  to help you through the cold months.

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Anonymous said...

I love your list!! :-)