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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Comfort & Joy

Tidings of comfort and joy are words in the Christmas carol "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen". Also on this travel mug my friend gave me. When it's filled with coffee I hold comfort and joy in my hand. But it also makes me think about other things that bring me those feelings. Walking in the door at the end of the workday brings me comfort; just having a home is one of the most reassuring things in life; a place where I belong no matter what else happens in my day. Just knowing that helps get through some tough days. I can't imagine not knowing where you are going to be at the end of the day. It must be awful.
What about joy? The people in my life bring me joy. My husband and children, my coworkers and friends, my siblings and their families brighten the days. Having a good laugh over some shared silliness is such a wonderful thing to do. Joy also comes from music, a bright sunny day, and overcoming a challenge. Seeing a loved one happy is one of the greatest feelings in life. This time of the year it seems everyone is wishing each other comfort and joy; I wish that for you too.
My favorite Yuletide coffee cup.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Things I Miss

I'm feeling nostalgic tonight and somewhat melancholy. Christmas is fast approaching and with all there is still to be done it feels somehow wrong. I'm remembering how we used to get ready for this holiday and without those things, somehow, this year feels kind of empty. Here are some of the things I miss.

*Writing a letter to Santa. Writing that letter as a child was like putting all my wishes in one place and sending them out into the universe with the hope that one day they'd all come true.  Maybe as an adult I should still do that--hey, it couldn't hurt, right?

*Looking through the Sears toy catalog. Was there anything better than that? We used to wait for it to come out and then spend hours looking through it and marking off the things we wanted. I wish there were a catalog like that now! Just to dream about whatever strikes your fancy would be such a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

*Doing Christmas crafts. Whether it was making tree decorations out of yarn and cardboard or making tinfoil chains I loved Christmas crafts. Busy hands making what became treasured items when they survived time's ravages in retrospect was an awesome way to fill the time waiting for the big day.

*Walking uptown to do Christmas shopping. It was wonderful growing up in a small town where I could walk uptown with a friend after school to shop. The Internet and the big box stores and the mall just aren't the same. It was so much fun walking in the crisp December air and looking at everything in the shops on Spring Stree while humming along to the Christmas carols being broadcast over the stores' sound system. Such dazzling displays of items and decorations! It wa a great way to get into the holiday spirit!

These are some of the ornaments I made
When I was younger. The top two when I was perhaps 12, and the bottom one as a newlywed. I treasure them and put them on our tree every year.