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Monday, June 29, 2015

In A Slump

         I’ve been in a bit of a writing slump lately, in fact I’ve been in a life slump since my last day of work (until September).  It feels as if everything is out of whack somehow.  I’m not sure why exactly. There are phone calls and appointments I need to make for me and for Hillary but I just keep putting them off—procrastination!  There are closets and cabinets that need a good cleaning out and other cleaning projects I plan to do over the two short months before I return to work.  There are bushes to be trimmed and weeds to pull and there are spiders to be dealt with out there!  In past years we’ve had those big striped spiders that I hate to deal with, this year it’s smaller neon green ones which are more difficult to get rid of, it seems. When they spin a web, it’s layered and those smart little buggers hang out on the underside so the top layer is protecting them from my bug spray. It seems their favorite place to build a web is between the bushes and my daughter’s car.  You think I hate spiders?  She hates them more. It’s as if they know this and taunt her by hanging out where she will walk.  Ugh!  Inside I have papers to shred, and plants to repot—there’s so much to do and I feel like doing none of it.  If this were my job I’d be right on it; breaking it down to this task one day, that task another and so on until all the extra stuff was done. So easy to say that I’ll treat it that way, but my boss (me) is easy going and says, “Take the day off if you want!”  My boss needs to get tougher on me! Ha ha!  Maybe my boss needs to give me some rewards for completing those tasks.  Work for 3 hours and then get a coffee and read a book break for 30 minutes, then work another hour and call it a day.  It sounds good on paper, but putting that into practice, like taking a daily walk and flossing twice a day (as my dental hygienist recently advised me to do) takes a lot of discipline which apparently     I DON’T HAVE!  I don’t think I’m alone in all this either.  I think that most of us have some trouble getting ourselves to fill in our time off with that good mix of productive work and relaxing, fun leisure time.  Time for me to go check something off that to do list and try to get out of this life slump.  Apparently since I’ve just finished this post I’m coming out of the writing slump.  At least for now.  Hey, baby steps!




Kathi said...

Why not give yourself a little treat and hire someone to trim those bushes... also to spray the yard for spiders!! I find that the help outweighs the cost sometimes and gives such a boost in morale! Hope you ease through that slump Sue. Yes, one, sometimes very small, step at a time!

Anonymous said...

You work at the school most of the year. You work caring for Hillary 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long. Why not give yourself a couple days a week, every week, to do whatever you want this summer, even if it's nothing at all? When September rolls around, you will be very glad you did!