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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Piece of Cake!

My father always said he never met a piece of cake he didn't like. I said that too until a couple of years ago. At work we used to take turns bringing in a treat to share during our break. Usually it was cake, but sometimes it was brownies or quiche or pie. One time it was lemon bars and freshly brewed iced tea. It was all delicious and shared freely between us regular workers and substitutes alike. One day one of our frequent subs brought in a cake. We were pretty excited, (hey, a treat is a treat--it doesn't take much! Haha!), and asked her what kind of cake it was. I will use only her initial, S. She  told us it was a mung bean cake. None of us, with the exception of my friend A  never heard of such a thing! I began to feel skeptical at the word "bean" as I am not a fan. The word "mung" didn't sound too appetizing either! As it turned out, our break was delayed that day so we decided to try the cake as we were working. I let some of the others try it first and they said things like "interesting!" "mmmm!" And "not too sweet!" as they stood around the table with S looking on. I took a small piece and a small bite. I quickly excused myself on the pretense of a task urgently awaiting me in the next room. I walked right over to the trash can, spit the cake into a paper towel and sent the rest of my piece after. I did not like it at all! To me it tasted like dirt mixed with green beans. That is the only piece of cake I ever had that I didn't like; although I didn't say that to S. I simply went back where the others were after a few minutes and thanked her for bringing in a treat to share; and refused a second piece, of course! I can't recommend that you ever try mung bean cake for yourself, but of course that's entirely up to you. As for me, I'm sticking with the traditional flavors like yellow and chocolate. If I want something different I might go for carrot or banana. But never again mung bean!


Anonymous said...

... I had no idea there was such a thing as mung bean cake!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious what was in it.


Kathi said...

How strange! That's a new one for me. If you're going to have cake have a deliciously decadent enjoyable one... even if it's just one bite.... ENJOY! :-)