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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Birthday Post, Late

         I was born in the hiccup of time between February and March in a year with an extra day.  It’s a day that many don’t understand, and leads to some confusion as to when to celebrate my birthday in the 3 years in between when there is no 29th of February.  I think the extra day occurs because the ancient folks who made the calendar we all go by couldn’t figure out another way to keep time and the seasons going along regularly.  I think it’s complicated and if I were more energetic I’d look it up and impart that wisdom to you but alas!  I am not going to do that.  Let’s just say they had a reason and leave it at that.  Getting back to when I celebrate, my mother always said that I was born the last day of February and I think that makes sense so I celebrate on whichever day is the last one of February.  Some people celebrate on March 1st reasoning that I wasn’t born on February 28th which I know but really it makes no sense to me to wait for the first day of March.  If, however, someone wants to wish me a happy day and give me cake or a gift on March 1st I will graciously accept!

         My brain works differently than many other people’s brain.  It’s nice to be unique, but it does lead to some frustrations in dealing with others on a daily basis.  For instance, if I am giving someone directions to a place I will always give landmarks for them to look for along the way because that is what I look for when going someplace either new or that I don’t go very often.  When I am on the receiving end of directions I frequently am frustrated because generally I get only a couple street names, some mileage, and second left, third right, or something like that with no landmarks.  It leads to confusion and frustration for both of us.  At work the different way I think tends to lead to my coworkers trying to help me but actually making things more difficult.  I know it looks like I need help but in my mind all is organized so that I can get through my tasks quickly.  It’s nice that they want to help me so I try not to let my frustration make me cranky. Oh the perils of thinking differently!

         I don’t know for certain that being a “leap baby” makes my brain work in a unique way, but I like to think it does.  Having an unusual day of birth makes for a good conversation starter, even if it does lend an air of confusion as to when to celebrate it!

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Anonymous said...

"You were born on the last day of February." That's perfect! Happy Birthday (again!) to a very creative thinker.