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Sunday, June 15, 2014


Some Dads rule with iron fist
Some with velvet glove
Some leave their babies way too soon
And watch from Heaven above
Some have humor, while others sing
Some play ball, some push the swing
Some go to work, some work at home
Some write books, some lay stone
Whatever else a Dad can do
He loves his children through and through.
--Susan Donald 6/15/2014

I get my wry, dry sense of humor from my father. We don't know anything about this picture; where it was taken, who took it, or what the occasion was. I love it for the contrast between his serious expression and comical headgear.

In this one I'm guessing I was about two years old. It looks like it was someone's birthday. It just looks like a cozy happy moment between father and daughter.

This was taken the day Hillary was christened. We were all blissfully unaware at that point how radically she would change all our lives! He was a wonderful "Grandpa", teaching my very young Anna to play chess and with arms always ready to snuggle Hillary. We miss his quiet presence and humor.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures - especially the one of you and your father! :-)