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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I love being silly.  I love it so much I am silly almost every day.  I feel like being silly is like a mini vacation from the realities of life.  Laughing follows silliness and spurs it on.  Sometimes at work, for instance, I’ll just start singing the theme from the Magilla Gorilla cartoon show from my childhood. Laughter generally follows.  Once one of my coworkers and I sang the whole Zippity Do Dah song.  I’m not sure which Disney movie that’s from, but we sang it all the way through.  Just because we can is why.  Recently when I signed onto Facebook there was a friend suggestion waiting for me.  I am now friends with one of my friends’ pet bird. Yesterday we Puffy-Bird and I) had a short conversation on her timeline.  My husband and daughter looked at me as if I’d lost my mind when they found out.  I defended myself by telling them that I have been Facebook friends with another friend’s cat, and I play Words With Friends with her (the cat) so why shouldn’t I be friends with the bird?  My husband went back to what he was doing and my daughter said that although she never thought she’d say it, she’s glad we have no pets.    Sometimes I remember silly things that happened in the past and just start giggling to myself.  Usually I’m alone when this happens but there are occasions when my husband and daughter are sitting in the same room as me.  They’ve learned to ignore it, unless I insist on telling them what I’m thinking about.  Sometimes they chuckle but usually they just give some noncommittal remark like “oh” before turning their attention back to what they were doing.  I really don’t care.  Better I should be sitting here breaking out into giggles than sobs.  I have learned to embrace the silly part of me, the part that delights in the absurdities of life.  I hope you can get silly sometimes too and give your brain a rest from the worries of your life for a few moments time.


Anonymous said...

To be silly is to live!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I need to get silly too. I haven't been silly in a long, long time.