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Thursday, January 16, 2014

New Year Post 2014

One year ends and one begins, a chance to start anew
I'm glad to have so many friends, and things to choose to do
We celebrate the year gone by, with its trouble and its joy
And if the future we could spy, would it gladden or annoy?
Farewell to 2013! You kept me on my toes
Greetings 2014! Please have more highs than lows.


I’m a few days into this new year 2014, and in spite of resolving to MAKE time for writing, Life is holding on to time with a death grip.  In any case, that’s something I will have to work on.  I think that once I get past June I might have a bit more time at least for a while.  Last year set the stage for the big changes that are coming up for me this year, most of them within the first six months.  Hillary will be graduating in June, then (God willing) attending a day care program for a few hours a day five days a week.  So far it looks as if I will not be able to continue my current employment once that happens so I will either be looking for a new job or working different hours at my current one.  Either way things will be changing in a big way.

^^  On the first day back to work after the holiday break a co-worker lamented that she, unlike her teenaged children, has nothing to look forward to in the future.  For her, the New Year holds no promise of things being different or exciting.  It made me sad for her that she doesn’t see how her life can hold pleasant surprises and joyous moments. I wonder if many people feel that way.

^^Last Sunday we took a long drive.  As we traveled through the more open country west of us I looked out the window.  This time of year when there are no leaves on anything and the grass is hibernating is great for looking out the window.  I saw many houses that I didn’t realize were there when we drove the same route in the summer, and spied many country roads.  Country roads make me want to turn off the main route and follow them to see where they go.  Perhaps another day we will do that. 

^^My mind these days, like my house, is cluttered with things from the past, present and for the future.  Closets are time capsules here as are the boxes on the shelves in the laundry room where treasures and unwanted items reside together.  I’m hoping to make this the year that it gets whittled down to a more manageable level.  It would be much less stressful for both my mind and body to have fewer unnecessary items lying around.

^^This year I plan to get to know some acquaintances as friends, and deepen some of the friendships I have.  I think that walks, lunches, and other activities will be a good way to accomplish this goal.  How nice to look forward to having fun times with people I enjoy!

^^This post has been a little jumbled, but that is the state I am in; as if everything has been thrown into a box any which way and I am pulling items out,  moving things from the bottom to the top and trying to untangle the threads of thoughts woven through it all.

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Anonymous said...

Very good post! 2014 will be a big year for you. So glad you have many wonderful friends to enjoy it with. :-)