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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Sue Verses November

Because I think that focusing for a month on things for which I am thankful helps me go into the frenzied Christmas season in a better frame of mind and keeps me grounded, I thought I would share all of my November Facebook statuses here.  I made them rhyme (although not always well!) because I can and it gave me a little mental challenge every day.  Thanks for visiting my thoughts. Enjoy!


This year I'm doing 30 days of thankfulness so for November first I'm thankful I've been given a gift for writing verse.

On thankful day number two I am giving thanks for you, if you're reading this, you see, we are friends, you and me💕

On thankful day number three I give thanks for all I see from loved ones faces to cloudy skies I'm so thankful I have eyes.

On thankful day number four before I dash out the door I am thankful I have work and friends to toil with is a perk.

On thankful day number five I'm grateful I am still alive.

On this sixth day of November I am thankful I remember who I am and where I've been so I don't make some mistakes again.

On thankful day number seven I give thanks for those in Heaven who while on Earth were dearly loved and now reside with God above.

On this day, November eight, I'm thankful for food on my plate.

November ninth I give thanks for trees for all they do for us, they clean the air of pollutants from car and truck and bus, they house the birds and squirrels and bats, they beautify our habitat, and in the autumn proudly wear flaming red and orange hair.

On day ten of thankfulness, I'm grateful because I am blessed to have in life my brothers three who were there to grow up with me.

On the eleventh day of thanks I think of those who drove the tanks, or went on foot, boat, truck or plane to keep us free from terror's reign, our veterans today remember they are the heroes, our defenders.

It is day twelve of thankfulness and with wintry weather it's a test, but weather cannot get my goat, I'm thankful for my nice warm coat!

Thirteenth day for giving thanks dawned sunny and so cold that I am grateful on this day I've warm blankets to unfold.

On day fourteen of giving thanks I'm thankful for the tea I drank, it started my day off just right, I'll have another cup tonight.

This day I'm thankful for my girls, one who sits while the other twirls, they are different from each other, I am honored to be their mother, it's day fifteen, we're halfway done, soon November will be gone.

On thankfulness day sixteen I'm grateful for the man who very many years ago bravely took my hand, he's not let go through anything that has come our way, with a heart full of love I give thanks for him today.

I'm thankful today for leftovers, I use them in so many ways, today I made soup, so yummy to scoop, on this rainy November seventeen.

I'm thankful for my paring knife, I find it is a great device, it peels an apple, slices cheese, cuts mostly whatever I please, so that is it for day eighteen, I hope your day is peachy keen.

Today I have much gratitude for the freedom to choose my attitude, on this nineteenth day of November I'm thankful I don't often surrender to the negativity all around, with optimism I am usually found.

Day twenty I'm thankful for my couch since lounging on the floor makes me say ouch!

On this twenty-first day of giving thanks, I'm grateful for memories of harmless pranks we played on a teacher when we were in school, we had so much fun, we thought we were cool, the teacher in question didn't get mad so we weren't in trouble and boy were we glad!

On November twenty second I'm thankful for my dinner, 'cause Friday night mac'n'cheese couldn't get much better!

November twenty third is here and thanks I am giving for time to take a little nap and for this life I'm living.

I give thanks today for volunteers who give their time throughout the year, they sing in church, they man the shelters, bring peace and comfort to helter skelter, they put out fires and build houses, give of themselves in hero doses, on November twenty four I give thanks to those who give much more.

On this twenty-fifth day of thanks I am grateful for everyday moments, the small celebrations, laughter and tears that our little family collects through the years, they cannot be purchased nor taken away, and for that I am thankful on this November day.

On this day I give thanks for the girls who I see every day who make time at work seem a lot more like play, on November twenty six I give thanks to each one, for giving me laughs and making things fun.

On November 27 thanks give I for the ability to make pie, also cake and fresh whipped cream which will top the yummiest desserts I've ever seen!

I'm thankful for memories of Thanksgivings gone by, and for the white snow that today meets my eye, a peaceful morning to count the year's blessings, November twenty eight we think of those missing.
On November twenty nine I'm thankful that I have some time to rest, relax, read and play; the chores can wait just one more day.
The final day of a thankful month, I can't believe how fast it passed, I'm grateful now that I can choose to make my grateful attitude last, when thankfulness is how you live you'll find you have much more to give, and that's my little ditty for November thirty.

Now, bring on December!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Today I have much gratitude for the freedom to choose my attitude, on this nineteenth day of November I'm thankful I don't often surrender to the negativity all around, with optimism I am usually found.

On Facebook I've been posting a rhyme each day since November first for which I am thankful; this was today's.  I have been asked periodically how I can be so upbeat and positive.  "How do you do it?" is the way it's usually phrased.  It always catches me by surprise somehow.  I'd say I don't know how I do it, but I do know.  I choose to be happy, content, hopeful.  There have been times when I was depressed, negative, and mostly angry.  It is exhausting!  I know people who always seem to be angry, looking for the worst to happen, and looking for a fight at every turn.  I don't know how THEY do it!  I tried for awhile to keep up the snarky attitude and found it wearisome.  I've said before that I think I just have a merry heart.  Truly, I don't remember sad times as well as I do happy times.  I love to laugh, I love to make others laugh, and so I choose most days to do as much laughing as I possibly can.  To have hope, to give others hope for a better outcome or circumstance is how I choose to live.  I'm not saying that I'm never negative or feel hopeless, but I try not to stay there for long.  And I have the freedom to choose to be that way.  So do you.

I leave you with this verse that I wrote when I was a child:

Happy faces smile no matter how long the mile,
Nor how high the hill or how nasty tasting the pill.