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Friday, May 3, 2013

Time for Sue!

Spring has finally arrived to my area in all its beautiful glory.  Gentle breezes, bright sunshine, cool nights and mornings; it doesn’t get any better than this!  It’s perfect and I’m trying to enjoy as much of it as I can.  Yesterday was so gorgeous, and all the planets aligned (so to speak), and I was able to declare the afternoon and early evening “the time for Sue”.  I got out of work a half hour early, did a couple of quick chores and sat down with a cold glass of cola.  With the widows open and the gentle breeze making the curtains lift and flutter I sat on my couch by the front door.  It was a quiet afternoon in the neighborhood so all I could hear besides the swishing of the washing machine was the tinkle of wind chimes and the bubble-plink-splash of the small fountain which sits between the boxwoods in front of the porch.  I admit to being lulled into a state of drowsiness and it was wonderful!  After about 20 minutes I forced myself to get up and make a cup of coffee—French vanilla light roast—and headed out with a folding chair to sit in the sun and wait for Hillary’s bus. All I can say is it was incredibly nice to sit in the warm sun sipping coffee , listening to the fountain, chirping birds and soft clinking of the chimes while watching bees and small white butterflies (my mother called them cabbage moths) flitting and floating in the warm sun.  Hillary and I sat in the sun for a few minutes before heading inside to resume normal routines until after dinner.  Once again it was time for me so I headed out to the porch with a cup of hot cider and a book until it was too chilly to stay out without a jacket or sweater.  Now I carry the memory of that idyllic time with me, and when I need a little break from things I can go there in my mind and feel a bit of the peace I felt during “Sue time”.  I hope spring comes to you soon if it hasn’t already and that you get some time to simply enjoy it.

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Kathi said...

Ummmmm. That all sounds luxuriously wonderful. Sounds like you savored those moments! Nice!