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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Morning Joy Reflections

I just wanted to share quickly some of the joys I felt this past week in the midst of for whatever reason felt like the longest week ever to nearly everyone I spoke with and me.

A plate of spaghetti and salad at the end of a long day.

The laughter of family on Easter Sunday.

Yellow peeps.

Talking about mundane things such as new pillows with the lovely ladies I work with.

The news that our supervisor is doing well after treatment for a tumor and may in fact be back with us sooner than anticipated.

Lunch out with my oldest daughter.

Listening to the radio.

Reading a book without falling asleep after the first page.

Writing a letter to a dear friend and imagining her delight and surpise when it arrives.

Bright sunshine and birds singing.

Watching Miss Hillary having her senior portait taken in preparation for her final year of school beginning in September. (this will also be part of a future post on mixed feelings!)

Perusing the "dollar deal" bins at CVS and finding something I just couldn't live without.

A soothing cup of tea before bed.

A delightful cup of coffee this morning.

Have a nice weekend, and I wish you many moments of joy.

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Anonymous said...

Your dear friend was indeed surprised and delighted when she got your letter!! Thank you so much.