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Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Music of My Sunday

          The Sunday that I envisioned began with sleeping late, followed by a large cup of tea and some blog writing and exploring.  Next I was to shower, take care of Hillary’s needs, and return to relaxing pursuits such as writing, reading, playing games and chatting with my husband as he read the Sunday papers, all while the local radio played in the background.  Following lunch my day would include a walk in the crisp March air in the strengthening sunshine, then perhaps a nap…….  I interrupt this dreamy day to inject a dose of reality! I did indeed sleep in, which was nice, but Miss Hillary decided not to sleep late so her shower, etc. took over my morning.  The radio was playing, and my husband was reading the Sunday papers, at least until we went food shopping, picking up an early dinner on the way home.  The TV was then turned on, the washer and dryer and dishwasher were all doing their jobs adding to the music of my Sunday.  Next daughter number one returned from a weekend with friends and decided to cook herself something.  As we live in a small one story ranch, all the sounds mixed together as I took care of things.  The radio in my bedroom to which I was listening as I folded clean laundry added a lyrical touch to the swish, gurgle, whirl, hum, clack of the washer and dryer. As I made my way through the kitchen, Anna had Celtic music playing as onions sizzled in a pan on the stove, in Hillary’s room I could hear voices from the TV show in the living room behind the sound of her vocalizations and clicking of her bead toy she was playing with. It may not have been the Sunday I had envisioned, but it was a pretty nice day anyway.  The sounds of my house and family created the soundtrack of my Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a warm, happy house to me!