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Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Week of Monderdays

         This has been some week!  Every day felt like Monday, or “Monderday” as I generally refer to it.  Not that anything cataclysmic has happened, because it’s been a pretty run of the mill week for the most part.  Maybe that’s the problem, nothing to really get my adrenalin going, no crisis to work through; just life.  I’ve been having trouble with my right shoulder—tendonitis, knots in my rotator cuff (?!), and a spasm in the trapezius.  Last week I sought treatment, and it has been slowly feeling better.  But not better enough, and probably that’s because life doesn’t stop because something is hurting.  Hillary still needs me to change and dress her, put her in her wheelchair, pack her breakfast and lunch, and put her on the bus in the morning.  I still need to go to work, and take care of at least the bare minimum around the house. That would have been quite enough challenge for me, but Mother Nature decided to throw in a snow/ice storm which didn’t really mess the roads up too badly but collected about 3 heavy wet inches on the van, deck and driveway.  I didn’t really need to add clearing snow off the van to my list of things that hurt to do with my bum shoulder. All of that aside, what bothered me most about the storm is that it points out to me just how much my life is arranged around Hillary’s needs.  Delayed school opening means delayed going to work for me.  Luckily my employer understands as do my coworkers.  But it still makes me sad that I have to wait for the bus before I can leave.  I’ve allowed those feelings to cloud my whole week—hey sometimes it happens.  It’s part of the grieving cycle, realizing once again how “abnormal” my life is, and grieving that “normal” life I thought I had when my family was completed by a second daughter.


Kathi said...

Yes sometimes it happens... you're human and sometimes life is hard... a blessing, but hard. Take good care of yourself ... and hope you have a wonderful weekend. Spring will be here for you before you know it!

Anonymous said...

HUGS! You deserve them.