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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ha! New Year!

After a very nice but busy holiday season I started the New Year 2013 at a run.  Work, doctor appointments, and packing away Christmas all take up the scant time each day contains.  Add in a cold for my husband and I both, then throw in a problem with one of Hillary’s teachers, a tragedy in our town, and a major health problem for my supervisor, and it doesn’t feel as if much has changed with the new calendar.  There are always going to be “things to deal with” because that’s how life is.  Something is always happening to keep you off balance, keep you thinking, growing, solving problems.  At the end of last October we went to a birthday party for a friend.  As we were saying our good-byes at the end, the birthday party honoree thanked us for coming adding, “I really appreciate it, I know you have troubles.”  I know he meant it kindly, but it got me to thinking.  Is that how people see us, as having troubles because we have Hillary?  I just look at it as having a life to live.  Who among us doesn’t have something that could be seen as “troubles” by someone not experiencing the same thing?  I don’t know, it just struck me as something worth mentioning.  I guess it’s all in the attitude you have toward life in general whether you  have trouble in your life, or a life that challenges you.  My life is full, and my life challenges me—it is that which keeps me growing and moving forward, and I expect I will grow much and go far in this new year.  I hope you also meet your challenges with the expectation of growing and moving forward in 2013.

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