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Friday, August 3, 2012

Odd Things

So far this has been a year of odd things for me.  We’re beginning the 8th month and I think I’d like to review.

-Going to the chiropractor.  I’ve done that a lot this year, and as grateful as I am for the help and healing I have received, it is an odd situation to be in.  There I am, lying on my stomach on a table with my face mashed into the paper covering the little cut out in the head rest talking to someone I can’t see while he manipulates my spine.  I wonder what it would be like to talk mostly to people’s backs all day?  One time my regular chiropractor was out and his associate treated me.  Wow!  I didn’t realize how much I trusted my doctor until that day, I couldn’t relax, his methods were different and by turns I felt like a rag doll and as if I were going to fall right off the table.

-My legs.  Well, once I had the cellulitis which delayed by a month the delivery of steroid injections for my back pain, all the doctors and nurses wanted to look at was my legs.  They still look at, touch, comment on and ask about them.  At one point I told the doctor he wasn’t allowed to look at them anymore.  Everyone there laughed; I’d just woken from anesthesia—but I was serious!  Enough already with my legs!

-Hillary throwing up on the dentist and the hygienist commenting on my sneakers immediately after—way to fill and awkward moment!  Speaking of my shoes, the chiropractor frequently comments on them.  It just occurs to me that medical people are spending an awful lot of time looking at the bottom of my extremities.

-Being greeted by people who know me and I have absolutely no idea who they are, even after they tell me.  Kind of awkward to have to tell them I truly have no idea who they are after they tell me that we went to the same high school.

-Physical therapy.  Seriously, I’ve been having some and every time I look around I think how odd it looks with all the assorted adults doing strange exercises—me balancing on a ball while raising opposite arm and leg in turn while a lady walks sideways on the treadmill and a man, wearing what looks like a foam bath mitt, stands facing the mirror wall slowly running his mitted hand up and down the mirror, while still another man lies on his back on a table doing the same motion I am on the ball.  If an alien saw us, I wonder what they would think.

-Me with a smart phone—‘nuff said!

-Me trying to figure out which button on the remote for the new van opens the door I want to open.  Seriously, I had every door opening and closing simultaneously in the parking lot of Hillary’s doctor’s office.

Ok, so those are just a few of the odd things that have been happening in my life this year.  I hope your odd things are few and far between.

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