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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writing Prompts

From time to time at my writers group we agree to use writing prompts to have something to share and discuss at our next meeting.  Sometimes I share them here, this is one of those times.  Just a little light reading for you on a hot summer day.

This writing prompt was "I used to think..."

            I used to think Candyland was a real place.  The lollipop forest, and the pool of root beer with a vanilla, chocolate and strawberry float were places I wanted to visit.  As a child with a fertile imagination I also thought that leprechauns lived in the hole at the base of the old maple tree that grew near our porch.  I thought Rudolph really lit the night to lead Santa on his rounds and Frosty the Snowman really came to life.  The whole world was like me, with clean running water, a soft bed at night, and loving parents.  Everyone, I believed, had nice schools, books, and enough to eat always.  Sometimes I wish I could go back to that time when everything felt so simple.  To have that bubble of innocence around me, how restful that would be!
 This one was "They had nothing to say to each other...."
Uh oh!

They had nothing to say to each other as they sat together looking at the body.  Each going over in her mind the series of events leading up to this moment.  Sandy found her voice first.  “What have you done Jen?”
Jen swallowed, and croaked, “Nothing, he just stopped and died.”
“I don’t believe you.  You were always talking about poisons and how a good whack with a hammer would get rid of him!”  Looking back at the little body Sandy whispered, “Poor little guy.”

“Oh cut it out Sandy!”  Jen’s voice got louder as she went on, “You wanted to be rid of him as much as I did.  ‘Poor little guy’, oh please!”
Sandy and Jen froze at the sound of approaching footsteps.  “Is that my Joey?” With fear in their eyes the girls turned to look at Mrs. Higsby.  As Sandy opened her mouth to answer she was interrupted by “Yip! Yip!” and nearly lost her footing as the ball of fur that was Joey scampered through her legs to his owner.  Not noticing the looks of disbelief on the girls’ faces, she handed each of them a five dollar bill and said “Thank you young ladies for taking care of Joey for me again today.  See you next week!” The girls were still gaping after her and the little dog long after they had disappeared from sight.

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