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Monday, June 4, 2012

Odes to Comfort Food

I've been feeling under the weather lately, and here are two foods that I find comforting.

Ode to Tomato Soup
Tomato soup how I love you

You warm me up inside

I feel so comforted by you

When you I imbibe.

When I was young my mother gave

Tomato soup to us

On cloudy days in summer

And cold, cold winter days

When all else fails to cheer me

You bring some sunny rays.

You are high in vitamin c

That fact we can’t deny

But how you comfort, warm, protect,

 And truly satisfy makes you the apple of my eye!

Ode to Grilled Cheese
Grilled cheese oh such yummy stuff

So gooey, warm and good

Dipped into tomato soup

You are a perfect food.

Crunchy on the outside

With your insides soft and warm

Cut in rectangles, squares or triangles,

I love you in any form.

White bread, rye, or on whole wheat

It doesn’t matter much

American, cheddar, provolone

Mozzarella, gouda, swiss

It’s all the same to me,

Toasty yummy, gooey warm,

That’s how you were meant to be.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

Oh YUMMM! The perfect combination for sure!!! I love to share that meal with you!