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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another Rainbow of the Heart

With a fair amount of frequency wearing a shy smile the trucker appeared at the baker's window in Dunkin Donuts with a single red rosebud in a white vase.  The baker smiled, dusted the flour off her hands and poked her head around the corner to accept the gift.   Later in the day they met for dinner at their favorite local bar and danced the night away after the meal.  When the announcement of their engagement was made, the ladies who worked at Dunkin said to the baker, "It'll never last! He's so nice and you're such a b****!"  It's been 29 years since the wedding, and there's no sign of an end in sight.  There have been countless ups and downs, challenges and celebrations, and they still remember how they started out--the baker and the trucker.  The bar is another restaurant now, the trucker no longer behind the wheel of a big rig and the baker no longer making donuts.  They only occasionally see any of the women who predicted the demise of their relationship.  They no longer dance the night away, but she still has the collection of white vases and he still occasionally brings her a flower but is more likely to bring her some other little thing for no reason other than that he's thinking of her when they are apart.  

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