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Friday, January 20, 2012


Well, here we are nearly a month past Christmas and my tree is still up! We were so busy during the weeks between December 17th and January 1st, that I decided we’d leave it up until the following weekend. But we just seem to be always running here or there, and it was all I could do to keep up with regular chores, so there was no energy left for undecorating even when the time was available. That’s the good thing about an artificial tree, no hurry to take it down! Hillary enjoys looking at it, and it IS a pretty sight especially at night when the lights are low.

It was while enjoying the soft glow last evening that I realized that my house is decorated for many occasions all at the same time. There are the small flags in the potted plants in the window as well as a sailboat that Hillary made during the summer one year at school. There are the beautiful wind chimes, which were a Christmas gift this year from my dear husband, as well as the small one he brought home for me from a trip to Texas & Mexico years ago. We have the spider, of course, as described in an earlier post, I’ve already put the heart door decoration up for Valentine’s Day, and the wooden tulips Hillary made in shop a few years back sit behind the water pump lamp. On the wall above the couch hangs the Thanksgiving themed broom that we liked so much we didn’t take it down. An assortment of crocheted and woven blankets and throws adorn the back of the couch, tossed there carelessly before heading off to bed last night and they mingle with the throw pillows. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

We’re expecting a snowstorm tomorrow, so that will be a good time to take down the tree and room decorations. Maybe some hot chocolate and the last couple pieces of fruitcake that I know are in the back of the fridge will make the task go much quicker. Then we can each pick up our favorite blanket and enjoy the snow.

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