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Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Week

Here it is almost the end of the first week of school/work and we haven’t seen the sun once. There are leaks in our stockroom, coatroom, bathroom, and kitchen at work. Another freezer is broken, (we lost one last year), and we started with barely enough food to serve a limited variety at all our stations and vending machines. One of our ladies called out today because of flooding, and one is not feeling well with an upper respiratory infection. We have classes meeting in the lunchroom because their classrooms are flooded, slightly impeding some of our preparations and clean up. It’s been crazy and intense so far, and it hasn’t been more than a few days since we started. In spite of all that, we are a cheerful group of women. Everyone is pitching in and helping each other as time permits, and I’m sure that anyone in the general area can hear the laughter and chatter.

Hillary seems to have gotten right back into the swing in spite of looking like a “thundercloud” the first day back. Seriously I took “first day of school” pictures that morning and she is obviously not pleased! Her regular aide, or “school Mom” as I think of her, is there to make sure her day goes smoothly. In spite of a couple of transportation issues which had me making some phone calls before work yesterday, I think the first week has gone well.

It’s very likely that by Friday night I’ll be so exhausted that I’ll fall into bed early, but that’s ok. I’ll get into the swing of these early, hectic days in no time. And perhaps the sun will come out this weekend.

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Kathi said...

Oh Sue I wish you blue sunshiny skies and a wonderful weekend!