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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Time Flies

Where has June gone? Seems like just last week was Memorial Day and now here we are and Independence Day is just a memory! School has ended and I'm just beginning the time warp that is summer. Nice weather constantly beckons me to forget about the overflowing closets, the dust, lint, and piles of laundry. The chair on the deck calls my name, tells me to ignore the cries from the carpets & tiles that need cleaning in order that I may enjoy its view of the sky and trees. The sun fills the window and orders me to bask in it, walk in it, do anything in it. Flowers wink and smile, encouraging me to join them, give them a drink, inhale their sweet fragrance, and watch as bees, butterflies and hummingbirds visit. Spiders show off their web spinning talents to me, daring me to tear them down so they can begin again with great energy in juxtaposition to my lazy wanderings around the yard. Even the jet planes that slide silvery so far overhead call out for my attention as they appear in relief against the deep blue summer sky and play hide and seek in the fair weather clouds. The patio cries out to remind me how much I missed it when it was buried under winter's snows. So I give in, to the detriment of the inside of my house. Soon enough it will be over, Labor Day will have come & gone and school will be back in session and so I will be back at work. Then I'll be asking: where did the summer go?

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