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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Shoes

     It is undeniable that a new pair of shoes can make you feel different.  There's something about slipping your feet into great new sneakers, sandals, or heels that is an instant pick-me-up.  Many women go out shoe shopping when they are feeling a little down in the dumps.  Some go out and spend an afternon trying shoes on even if they're not going to buy any.
     I tried recently to get some opinions on this subject by posting a question on Face Book.  I asked, "How does a new pair of shoes make you feel?"  It was an unscientific study and one to which out of about 50 possible responses I received two.  One respondent said, "I like anything new."  That didn't really answer the question.  The other respondent posted some of the lyrics of a song from the movie My Fair Lady:  "I feel pretty, oh so pretty, so pretty and witty and fine" with a smiley emoticon at the end.  At least that response told me something.  Obviously I can conclude that at least one of my friends feels a lightening of mood when wearing something new on her feet.
     Having recently purchased several pair of new summer shoes, and having mentioned it in a Face Book status, it was no surprise that the friend who responded with song lyrics requested that I wear a pair of the new footwear to breakfast.  I told her that I would wear the cutest pair, to which she replied that she'd look at everyone's feet and know I'd gotten there when she saw them.  Of course she loved the blue-and-white-checkered flats with bows on the toes.  By the time I got around to doing anything on the computer later that day she had posted a comment about the shoes.  Several of my friends then wrote requests to see the shoes,
begging for a picture.  Being in a quirky frame of mind I took a picture or two of the now famous flats, uploaded them, and made one of them my profile picture for a day.  What a buzz over footwear!  My friends were enthusiastic in their praise and admiration.  Obviously we are a group with too much time on our hands, either that or we are all in need of somethings non-stressful to occupy our minds for a bit.
     Who knew that my choice when I went shopping would brighten the day of so many? I don't generally think too much about what's on my feet.  Sometimes,though, when the right footwear calls I must listen.  Especially when they're the cutest pair of shoes ever.

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