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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

He went into the same doughnut shop every morning around 4 a.m. on his way to his truck driving job. The same girl was there every day and after a time she knew his order and had it waiting on the counter when he arrived. They began dating and she was moved to the afternoon shift. He stopped in every day and once a week brought her a single rosebud in a white vase. He gave her a diamond ring in the parking lot. They were married on a day when it snowed, sleeted and rained. They honeymooned in Atlantic City, and set up housekeeping in the apartment he had lived in alone.

Fast forward 28 years, they exchange cards and kisses, she cooks him breakfast in the kitchen of the only house they ever owned and he buys her doughnuts from the shop where they met. They spend the day quietly together, doing household tasks, spending time with their daughters, watching tv, napping, and capping it off with a dinner out. It is a good day, satisfying in its quietude and companionship. It is the best wedding anniversary ever for it suits them and their love which is quiet and steady, the kind that lasts forever.

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