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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


She stood unprotected in flammable rain
Just waiting for Smokey the Bear
Although people were running and pushing and shoving
She knew there was no one to care.

The flammable rain ran in rivulets
Down her cheeks from off of her hair
While all ‘round was chaos she stayed where she’d stopped,
When she turned to look no one was there.

For time beyond measure she stood in that spot
While the rain lashed about in the wind
She was left all alone while she stood still as stone
Never realizing Smokey’s not real.

The flammable rain collected in puddles at her feet
And it splashed up onto her knees
Yet she moved not an inch to the right or the left
Begging save me please Smokey Bear, please.

She waited and waited with eyes full of tears
Holding onto her Smokey Bear dreams.
I’ll never forget all that flammable rain
And how sometimes things aren’t what they seem.

Susan Donald

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