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Sunday, May 30, 2010

More Rainbows of the Heart

Bruce doesn’t bring me flowers often. It’s ok, because I am notorious for forgetting to add water and then leaving them on the piano in the vase until they resemble potpourri on sticks. I love getting a bouquet of flowers, but since I don’t take care of them I can’t blame him for not buying them for me often. Even so, I know he thinks of me often throughout the day. Sometimes he’ll bring me a favorite treat from a vending machine if he happens to see something he knows I like but don’t often buy for myself when grocery shopping. Sometimes he’ll send me a text in the middle of the day if he knows there’s something stressful going on for me.
On a recent trip to the shore, I didn’t feel like walking along the beach, I just felt like sitting on a bench near Hillary and watching the ocean and the seagulls. He decided to take a walk by himself as we can’t both go at the same time unless Anna is around to stay with Hillary since we can no longer get her onto the sand due to her heavier wheelchair. After a time he returned to me. I could see that the bottom of his jeans were soaked, and laughed at the sight. Come to find out, he had gotten too close to the water when washing off one of the “treasures” he found. Along with the sea glass he found was a starfish. I had never seen one on the beach before, and this one seemed to be still alive. After we finished examining it and wondering at it for a few minutes, he walked back to the water and returned it to the ocean. I added the sea glass to my collection when we returned home, and keep the memory of the star fish in my heart. Who needs flowers?

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Lisa said...

Very sweet Sue! I just love reading your blogs. I never know what the topic will be either. Please keep it up and thanks SO much for letting me know about your new post. (I hadn't seen the last one either).