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Monday, May 10, 2010

Despair in the Mail

There hasn't been much of this lately, but it is part of life. No matter if you have a special situation, or are just a "regular" person with a "regular" life, eventually something is mailed to you that makes you feel this way. Realizing the feelings of hopelessness are transient is the best way I have found to cope with them. This particular poem came about when we were trying to obtain funding for the patient lift system simultaneously with fighting with insurance for a new wheelchair. Feeling overwhelmed would be grossly understating my state of mind at that time. It was all hard work, and extremely stressful, but worth it to have what we need to properly care for Hillary.

Open the envelope
Out jumps despair
Stomping and jumping,
Painting the heart
Putrid black
Inviting Hopelessness, Isolation, Apathy, Worthlessness
To join the party.
From under the wreckage
Out comes Resolve
Lighting the ember of Hope.
Despair exits
Taking the others
Out of Hope’s light
Back into the darkness.

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