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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Strangers can make or break a day. An unkind word or action can be the defining moment of a bad day. On the flip side, and unexpected kind word or action can turn a bad day into a good one. Everyday errands can be good or bad depending on how strangers act.
We were a small percussion section. The sticking brake on the wheelchair clicking away and the thumpy rattle of the shopping cart as we made our way through the store was our convoluted cadence. Occasionally Hillary added her voice to the mix, just to keep it interesting, or maybe to warn the people coming out of the intersecting aisles. One of the challenging parts about shopping alone with Hillary is pushing all 230 pounds of girl and wheelchair with one hand and pulling the shopping cart behind with the other without running into other shoppers or displays, or knocking things off shelves by cutting corners too close with either piece of equipment. Trying to stop in time when someone stops suddenly in front of me adds challenge and interest. So far I haven't hit anyone. I have thought occasionally about putting spikes on the end of the footplates of the chair for those times when people just don't want to give an inch, but up to this point I've controlled myself. At times I have wished I had an air horn at my disposal for those talking on their cell phones, oblivious to other shoppers trying to navigate the merchandise. This particular day there was no temptation, it was Nice People Day. I love Nice People Day! The cashier helped unload my cart onto the belt without being asked. She was cheerful, effiecient, and used a minimum of bags. The day continued its pleasant theme when I exited the store as, amazingly, when I needed to cross the parking lot with my little caravan the traffic stopped to let us get off the curb and cross to our vehicle. Might sound like no big deal, but I assure you that it doesn't often happen and I sure do appreciate it when it does!
It is the simple things that strangers do that can sometimes either make or break my day, and this day they made it. Must have been the convoluted cadence was a happy one.

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Lisa said...

Wow, can I relate - and the 230 pounds as well. I guess Hillary has a very heavy wheelchair! I have the very heavy child!

I can't tell you how much I relate. It is wonderful when thoughtfulness prevails - but I am waiting for the FIRST time someone (such as a worker particularly standing around doing nothing, or a manager who doesn't give a hoot) at Shop Rite in Succasunna or A&P in Flanders ever thinks to help me out when I am pushing the approx. 230 pound son and chair (son is abou 180 pounds!) ,while holding about 6 grocery bags in my one aching hand that is trying to push the chair as my other hand pulls the overloaded shopping cart that's ready to drop something. I am literally shocked when people just watch. Now, go to Whole Foods in Madison or Trader Joe's in Florham Park and there I am always asked if I would like some help, sometime it is insisted on.

Anyway, I have my issues with the grocery stores and how inconsiderate people can be and how amazingly clueless management can be, that they do not train their employees to lend a helping hand as a requirement! Enough said. LOVE your blog - and a very upbeat one!