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Monday, April 26, 2010


She's a queen who sits upon her throne
And utters not a word.
She looks at those around
As if they were all quite absurd.
The cook, she tries to tempt her
With the greatest of delights
But she simply turns her nose up
And coughs with all her might.
Her servants try to please her
And dress her in good taste
She doesn't like it much though
When they fix her hair with haste.
They do not understand her
When she tries to tell them "no"
So where they wish to take her
She must surely go.
Sometimes it is quite taxing
To be rushing here and there
So she simply tips her head down
And sleeps soundly in her chair.
She really is quite happy
To have a family
To share with her
And care for her for all the world to see.
Contentment could describe her
For her world is filled with love
And so she's found frequently
Cooing like a dove.
They love her beyond reason
This family of the queen
Regardless of the season
Together they'll be seen.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

Sue, once again, such a beautiful writing by you! This poem about Hillary is wonderful. I just can't tell you enough how talented you are!