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Monday, March 29, 2010


If it hadn't been for Hillary and Francesca, I never would have met Carmela my dear friend. I think about them often and these last few days more than usual. It has been two years since Francesca left us here on Earth to join God in Heaven. We are all still trying to understand what she was supposed to teach us while she was here, and trying to help those she left behind to bear the pain of separation.


Her long thick hair
Her angelic face
Memories of her
All over the place
A picture here
A doll over there
A vision of her
As she walked down the stair
The scent of her powder
The feel of her hand
It's all together
More than she can stand.
Friends can't understand,
They've not traveled her road,
How every day
It's a too heavy load
That nobody can share.
So she conjurs a smile
While she's crying inside
And longing to hold her
The child who died.

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Kathi said...

Some pain is life long. Plain and simple. We never really get over it and I'm not sure we are meant to. We go on living and loving (maybe more deeply), breathing and smiling and laughing, but we never forget.