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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

4th of July

Our founding fathers on this day declared that we are free,
I'm truly thankful that they did, to the future it was key,
they were hot, I'm sure they were with all the clothes they wore,
they had no way to keep it cool, no air conditioned store,
no fan in the window, no ice in a glass,
they did the work they had to do--
now that's what I'd call class!!!                        
Happy Independence Day!!!!2012

Happy Birthday USA!
Red, white, and blue
We’ll wear today,
There are parades,
There’s fireworks too,
Grill, shop, swim,
Whate’re you do,
You do it here,
Where we are free,
There’s no place else,
I’d rather be.

July 4th is:

Hot and sticky, this year we’re having record breaking heat to begin the month of July. July is, in my opinion, the hottest month of the summer. The days are long and the sun is at its strongest.

A good day to listen to Sousa marches. My mother used to bring a cassette tape player outside and play her John Philio Sousa tapes. They’re songs featuring brass instruments playing parade music.  I can always picture a marching band parading down Main Street when I hear them.

A day for macaroni and potato salad alongside burgers & hot dogs cooked on the grill in the backyard. Later, at dusk when the coals were still warm we used to run and get sticks for my dad to whittle into points for roasting marshmallows over the still warm coals. With sticky fingers we then had sparklers which were fun to draw shapes with in the air.

A perfect day to sip homemade iced tea and lemonade after a game of tag or frisbee.

A day to celebrate that we are free to practice any religion or no religion, as we each choose for ourselves, that we have free press who can write any criticism they care to of our elected officials without fear of punishment, that we can move freely across our country, and that we can, despite differing opinions still come together and work for common goals.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Summer Summer

Welcome Summer!

Welcome Summer,
You are hot!
Some of us like that a lot,
Some prefer dear Autumn's ways,
With cooler air and shorter days,
But Summer now that you are here,
You'll go too fast is what I fear,
I love your sunny, longer days,
And in the twilight how fireflies play,
I will enjoy the parts I like,
But Humidity can take a hike!
Hello Summer!

Hello Summer, goodbye Spring!
Spring was such a wild thing,
We had snow, then hot, then cold,
Those quick changes sure got old,
Summer is what most folks like,
Swimming, cookouts, riding bikes,
To those of you who must complain,
October will come ‘round again.
It is now officially Summer, yesterday was the summer solstice and from here on out the days will get shorter, a minute or two at a time. So take advantage of it and enjoy not wearing a coat every time you go out and relaxing outside while you can! Since I don’t work in the summer, (one of the perks of working in a school), it always seems to fly by. I start with all these ideas for what I want to do during the break, and just like the weekend, I never seem to do everything I plan!  Nope, the sun and warmth draw me outside and I cannot resist a lazy hour or two with a book and an iced drink in the shade, or a trip to the park for a relaxing walk.  Don’t even get me started about looking at the sky! Whether I’m stepping out on the deck to see the rising sun peek through the leafy trees in the coolness of dawn, contemplating white puffy clouds meandering across a brilliant blue sky, or enjoying the show as the setting sun colors the sky and up lights the trees as it descends into the horizon, I just can’t get enough of it!  The pleasant rustling of leaves and tinkling of wind chimes in a warm Summer breeze just can’t be beat for destressing.   Some people love Summer for all the outdoor activities they can do. Whatever it is you enjoy in the summertime, I hope you can fit it all in before the days get short and cold winds replace gentle breezes.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Childhood Picnics

We are finally having warm, summery weather! I’m so happy that I can sit outside in the evening and watch the changing light as the sun slips behind the trees, and listen to the birds settling in for the night. I find it relaxing after a full day of daily life, and it gives me a chance to let my mind wander. The other evening it wandered through some childhood memories of picnics.

The long summer break from school was one of my favorite times of year. I had the freedom to play outside, read, draw, chase butterflies, or do pretty much whatever I wanted. One of my favorite things to do, when I was maybe eight or nine, was have a picnic lunch. My mom would give me a cheese sandwich on a paper plate and iced tea or lemonade in a plastic cup with a lid. I’d take a blanket and head outside to either the little hill at the back of our yard, or a shady spot under the large Rose of Sharon in the side yard. There I’d sit on my blanket, eat lunch and just enjoy being outside. Other times my mom made a jug of lemonade and some sandwiches and took my brothers and I for a walk in the woods at the top of our street. We’d walk (or run) along the path through the forest exploring things as we went. When we got to a boulder we named “diamond rock”, we stopped and had our picnic lunch. We’d laugh and talk, and tell Mom about discoveries we made along the way and in our wanderigs off the path. Those woods are no longer there, as at some point they were turned into a housing development.

I’m glad I have those memories to reflect on when I have a chance to let my mind wander. There are many paths to go down in our minds, I hope you have some pleasant ones to visit when you have time for reflection. I hope, also, that you have time to regularly do so!

Sunday, May 20, 2018

One Comment

One comment can change your day.  For the past few weeks I have been having a tough time of it at work, after having a falling out with a co-worker whom I also thought of as a friend.  I’m not sure the relationship is salvageable beyond the civility working together demands.  It’s a shame, frustrating, and makes me very sad.  I have been on the brink of either asking to be transferred to another location or just quitting altogether and finding another job because it is so uncomfortable to be around this person.  Last night, when picking up my daughter from a dance at the school with the Best Buddies club, I was speaking to one of the aides who regularly brings students to my lunch line.  Something she said to me made me realize that leaving is not the answer.  It made me realize that my job is more than just getting along with my coworkers; it is making lunch time go as smoothly as possible for students and staff.  She told me that no matter what else is going on, I always have a smile for them.  She said they appreciate that so much.  It made me think.  I responded by telling her thank you, and explaining that I really enjoy interacting with the students and staff; and that is the truth.  It’s the best part of what I do.  Even at the high school level, some of the students want to have a short conversation about how their day is going, their plans for the weekend, or how much they like certain food items.  The conversations are very short, only a few seconds, because the line must be kept moving along to give everyone time to eat, but in those few seconds a sense of community can be felt.  Even staff members sometimes have those short conversations with me.  It makes for a pleasant atmosphere.  That’s not to say that sometimes we don’t have trouble in the area, someone trying to get away without paying, or hiding an extra they want but don’t have the money for.  Usually a look from one of the managers or teachers around will nip that in the bud.  Mostly the students are good, honest people.  That positive comment last night made me realize that whatever discomfort I feel with this one co-worker is not a reason to leave a job I love and people who are appreciative of how I treat them.  It changed my mindset, and changed my day for the better.

If there is someone you interact with who leaves you with a positive impression, tell them so.  You just might make their day and give them a badly needed lift.  You never know who is going through a tough time and needs to hear a kind word.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother’s Day Thoughts

First, two poems I’ve written for Facebook for Mother’s Day:

From wilted dandelion bouquets 
and sticky little faces, 
to watching from the sidelines 
and driving many places, 
a mother does it graciously 
and doesn't ask for pay, 
that's why each year we honor her 
on a day in May.
Happy Mothers Day!!!5/11/14

Mother's Day is set aside 
to honor mothers far and wide, 
those on Earth we still can call 
and those who passed Heaven's gates so tall, 
a mother's love is sure and strong, 
through good times and when things go wrong, 
feel her love around me still, 
always have, always will, 
to all my mother friends out there, 
the whole world knows how much you care, 
with all my heart to you I say 

have a Happy Mother's Day! <3 span="" xx5="">

Mother’s Day is another special day that has, (in my opinion), been hi-jacked by pop culture and has become a stress and pressure filled event. Instead of simply being a day set aside to treat your mother to a meal she hasn’t had to prepare, some flowers, or a lovely sentiment filled card, it seems to be a day where if you don’t spend a ton of money on a spectacular gift you have failed to make the most important woman in your life feel loved. This is not the truth!!! Most mothers, at least the ones I know, just want to spend time with their children and loved ones sharing a meal, or just talking or playing a game. Flowers are always welcome as is a card or handwritten note.  Really, simple is better! Those spontaneous dandelion bouquets and hearts drawn on scrap paper with crayons and misspelled “I love you Mom” of early childhood are more precious than the most expensive piece of jewelry. Appreciation and love can be shown by simply sharing a cup of coffee and catching up with your mom once you are an adult yourself. Really, Mom doesn’t want you to get stressed out or go into debt for her! The greatest gift you can give your mother is to be happy with your life and share some of it with her. Once she is gone from this Earth, you will remember those simple times you spent together, those memories will give you more comfort than anything.