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Friday, October 28, 2016

Halloween Thoughts

Here are a couple of Halloween themed poems from my Facebook page, followed by a couple thoughts about the holiday. I hope you enjoy them.

Many moons ago
I was a kid,
Trick-or-treating on Halloween
Is what we did,
It wasn't done before
Nor after,
Just one day
Was all we asked for,
Now towns seem to
Change the rules,
Some don't have it
In their schools,
The whole thing is 
Now so complex,
When are the kids coming?
Just guess your best!

It was early in the morning
With the water running warm
When the creature stalked its prey
And a new fear was born.
The unsuspecting victim
Began to wash her hair,
Looking up she saw it
And it gave her quite a scare.
Cowering in the corner,
No weapons at the ready
She struggled to be calm,
To keep her breathing steady.
With one eye on the creature
She grabbed whate're she had,
The menacer soon realized 
The only option that it had.
It fast began retreating
Back from whence it came,
Our heroine amazed
That her washcloth saved the day.
Halloween is a strange holiday. It has become an excuse to let your weird show and collect candy. Some people love the scary aspect of it; I prefer the cuter side. Little kids in cute costumes are delightful, teenagers and adults dressed as zombies or the Grim Reaper are not. It has also gotten to be oneof those  things that is celebrated for more than just the one day. There are community events, parties, school celebrations and some schools not celebrating during regular hours. One  thing is for sure: either you're into it, or you're not. I could do without it. Now, on to November!

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Anonymous said...

I prefer the "cute" aspect too; and only one day, please!